Klare Entscheidung..........

A Chinese family of 5 people, called Chu, Bu, Hu, Su and Fu decided to
immigrate to the United States.
In order to get a Visa, they had to adapt their names to American
Chu became Chuck
Bu became Buck
Hu became Huck.
Fu and Su decided to remain in China...
Eine chinesische Familie von 5 Menschen, genannt Chu, Bu, Hu, Su und Fu entschied sich dafür,
in die Vereinigten Staaten zu immigrieren.
Um ein Visum zu bekommen, mussten sie ihre Namen an amerikanische Standards anpassen:
Chu wurde Chuck
Bu wurde Buck
Hu wurde Huck.
Fu und Su entschieden sich dafür, in China zu bleiben...

Antworten zu dieser Frage:

"Suck" ist doch nicht so schlimm, oder? *seufz*

... and the next time the old lord wanted a bath, he called on his butler, Waddle. "Run me bath, Waddle."
Waddle did so, and the old boy instructed him: "Undress me, Waddle."
   He climbs into the bath, makes himself comfortable and orders the butler: "Wash me, Waddle."
As the servant is sponging away, the lord lets forth an almighty fart, which comes bubbling up between his legs. The butler rushes out and comes back with a hot water bottle.
"Good heavens," says the master. "What on earth is that for?"
"Well," explains the butler. "I distinctly heard you say 'What about a hot water bottle, Waddle?' "

Ein nettes Erlebnis - leider nicht für uns!!! ;D;D;D;)

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