Mac OS X: Start-Programm.

Was ist ein Starprogramm?  Wo finde ich dieses?  Warum bekomme ich keine
Antwort?  Sind das hier alles Unwissende?  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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 ;D jesus....

unwissend... alle arbeiten und machen das hier freiwillig und helfen wenn es die Zeit erlaubt!  ;)

Meinst Du Startobjekte?

Systemeinstellungen - Benutzer - Account anklicken - menü - Startobjekte - hier eintragen welche Programme automatisch gestarten werden sollen wenn du in deinen Benutzer gehst.

zB.; wenn Du immer iTunes sofort nach Start offen haben willst iTunes eintragen... etc.


Recht vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort.  War O.K.!  Ein kleines Problem hätte ich noch.   Ich habe im Canche das Mail Symbol gelöcht.  Ich kann von meinem Apple OS X keine Mails versenden.  Wenn ich meine Festplatte löschen würde, gibt es eine Möglichkeit die daten zu schüzen?  Gibt es dafür einen spezielen Ordner?  Besten Dank im voraus.

L. G.  Jesus Christus

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Du kannst Dein System z.B.: via disk copy cloner sichern - nur auf externer Festplatte oder wenn du die Festplatte geteilt hast - wenn du die ganze Platte löscht ist alles futsch!

Mail neu installieren - via original OS X System Cd - wäre die 1fachste Lösung!


The gullibility and total naïveté of the human species has never ceased to amaze me.

When Steven Spielberg did a documentary on the holocaust a couple of years or so ago (or maybe it was a decade or so ago), the particular image that stuck in my mind were the German Jews who told Mr. Spielberg that back in the early 1930ties, after hearing ..... and Goebbels speak, they wanted nothing more than to become good Nazis.

Such naïveté usually starts along very similar lines:

A charismatic conman convinces hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions and finally billions of some cleverly concocted DELUSION. And suddenly what heretofore had been rational, sane individuals start to believe in things that are in fact completely absurd and contradict basic scientific progress and reason. Groups are formed who reinforce the delusion as it now begins to spread in all directions, around the globe.

Some have suggested that .....'s evil "genius" was that he convinced an entire country of sane and rational people of things that were completely absurd and irrational. While I am not trying to compare Mr. ..... to the various religious figures that have sprung up throughout history, the mechanism by which ordinary, rational individuals suddenly start believe and worship some rather strange ideas is exactly the same as the one by which the Nazis convinced the Germans of their delusionary ideology.

As centuries come to pass, the repeated practice of the most enduring of these absurd ideas is transformed into what is then referred to as "religion"

Which brings us to that charismatic character who convinced almost an entire planet that he was indeed the son of whoever or whatever created this universe, for lack of a better term known as "God".

More than 40 individuals have in fact made a similar claim, that they are/were the so-called "Messiah", predicted in the old testament. The last one died only a few years ago in his home in New Jersey (USA).

Admittedly, none were as successful in convincing the masses as the character who had himself nailed to the cross and lived to talk about it -- or at least inspired others to do all the talking for him.

Fact is, that in the so-called "new Testament", the section written by Johannes, the author insists that an eyewitness to the crucification described how just before Christ's body was taken off the cross, a roman soldier stuck a lance into Mr. Christ and that when he did so, blood and water came out. Johannes is adamant that the above was described to him by an eye-witness to the crucification. That's in the bible. Christians and non-Christians generally agree that the incident is historically accurate. The science in this matter is really clear and simple: Dead people don't bleed! If a body that's stuck with a lance exits blood and water, that can only mean that the individual hasn't died yet, that he is still alive.

And that brings us to another unconsidered aspect of this insane story that exposes some of the delusions commonly referred to as "Christianity".

Imagine, for a moment, if instead of crucification, the Roman executioners had simply cut Mr. Christ's head off. The Dude would have had less to suffer and I really would have liked to see him rise from THAT !!!

Unfortunately, Christ wasn't the only character throughout history who convinced the masses of some rather absurd ideas. Six hundred years or so later, a then 50-something year old sh*thead married a six year old girl and consummated his relationship with her three years thereafter, when the girl was barely nine years old. There is, of course, only one term for such action and that's PEDOPHILIA! What is so utterly ***Spamverdacht bitte melden *** is that billions of people now believe that whatever created this universe, in its infinite wisdom, had chosen just this pedophile as its messenger. These people are called "Muslims" and the dirty old pedophile that these "Muslims" so naively believe in goes by the name of "Mohammed, the Prophet".

We can easily deduct how this must have gone down:

"It's OK, little girl, you can take your clothes off..."


Yeah, right!

If THAT's not the definition of a DELUSION, I don't know what is.

Hide your little girls, mothers: Here comes the horny prophet!

To sum up: A charismatic conman and a pedophile. It sure is a strange cast of characters that human beings pray to!


Brilliant  lecture  by Richard Dawkins:

(Length: 1:47:24 = One hour, forty-seven minutes and twenty-four seconds)

ATHEISM  on YouTube (Length: 5:20 = 5 minutes & 2o seconds)

For more info see:,ourMission


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